Thursday, February 28, 2008


I was asked to make an invitation for a house-warming party last week. I took the job as an oportunity to try a fully colored style and see what i could do with it. It is heavily influenced by the work of Tadahiro Uesugi. The customer wanted an element of her new place and herself in the picture. Luckily her apartment was in a beautiful city-house so there were a lot of nice architectural details. I'll describe how i went to work, more for myself then anything else.

I had first made some colorstudies from the first things i came up with. The customer liked the first one alot, especially the silhouette and the warm colors. I told her i would get back to her with some more ideas so i started sketching.

We met again and she picked the view from the terrace looking into the house (bottom left of the second page of sketches), but instead of a girl sitting she wanted a party in the apartment. I made some more sketches looking for a more exciting composition working with the perspective. Eventually i picked a view from below which would give me some nice lines in the ironwork on the terrace and which would also limit the amount of people i had to draw in as time was very short. I made a (crappy) definite sketch and devised the colorscheme.

Then all i had to do was add the details. :) Seven and half hours later i came out with this. As it was 4 o'clock at night, i was pretty happy with it. I tried to work with textures and strong colors. The silhouettes of the other guests in the background is kind of flat and not really in a correct perspective, but in the foreground this gives the woman a more appealing silhouette. In retrospect I should have weakened the green on the horizontal groves in the stones on the left, but it's not too bad. I should have indicated her other arm more, but that notion escaped me at the time. The victim of a tight schedule.