Thursday, June 22, 2006

topography part 1

One of my favorite artmovement is the 19th century landscape painting in Great Britain in watercolors. always such great compsitions and textures. John Sell Cotman is one of the best in my opinion. More to come...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

finally it's done!

I presented my final animation yesterday. And allthough it looked pretty good to me in the morning after slaving at it the entire night, the big screen was not kind to it at all. It seemed that every scratch and leftover pixels from the photoshop masking was there loudly screaming for attention. Allthough mu professors were pleased with it, I don't think i would ever make anything like it again. I think It went wrong from the start. My storyline was much too elaborate for a 1 minute film. In the end it clocked in at around 2min20 wich was really the bare minimum to relate the story to the viewers. The problem is offcourse, as I now realize, that you just can't produce 2min of quality animation in about 2 months. I had to rush not only the drawing work but also the digital processing. I had to scan my pencils whose gritty appearence did not go well with the more polished backgrounds. There were some sequenses that were good for my limited experience. But there were also a lot of parts that were underanimated or very mechanical because of the digital compositing with photoshop or aftereffects. Because of the story it's not possible to cut it back to about a minute with all the cool stuff in and the crap cut out. A missed oppurtunity really. I will post some of the better parts in later posts, beginning with my backgrounds.